Ice Age Star Club

Ice Age Star Club

The oldest music halls in the world – a unique concert location!
Specially chosen artists and musicians return to the origins of music and perform in the oldest music hall in the world! By giving an interview or performing in a music event in the World Heritage Site caves, you can become a member of the award-winning ICE AGE STAR CLUB and will receive an exclusive music award – the ICE AGE AWARD!

At the origin of music
An inconceivable 40,000 years ago, humans made music in these caves for the first time. This is where some of the OLDEST MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS IN THE WORLD were found – flutes.

welterbe ica age award

The oldest music award in the world


welterbe ice age star club

Are you a nationally or world-renowned artist/musician, and do you want to perform in the oldest music halls in the world and become a member of the ICE AGE STAR CLUBS? Then join us at the caves at the World Heritage Site! Contact us now!


The oldest musical instruments in the world are 40,000 years old. The flutes were made from mammoth ivory and swan and griffin bones, and were found in the caves in the Swabian Jura – “Hohle Fels” in Schelklingen, “Geißenklösterle” near Blaubeuren and “Vogelherd” in Niederstotzingen.

höhlen und eiszeitkunst der schwäbischen alb flöte